Wall Anchor System

A quicker, cost effective solution for bowed walls…..

The wall anchor restores lateral strength to the wall, also allowing the wall to be pulled straight. The technology uses the natural expansion and contraction of the soil.

Why walls bow

  • Poor drainage
  • negative grade adjacent to the basement wall
When it rains or the snow melts, water collects next to the foundation wall instead of draining away. As  water saturates soil adjacent the wall, the moisture content increases and the soil expands, which puts extreme amounts of stress on the wall. This stress causes the wall to break in the middle and bow in; thus loosing it’s lateral strength.
When a wall anchor is installed and the grade is raised, the lateral strength of the wall is restored and the wall is able to resist forces and pressure from the expanding soil.
Wall anchors are adjustable and can be tightened during dry weather when the soil shrinks away from the wall leaving a gap. The anchors will pull the wall straight.
Carbon fiber bracing is the perfect compliment with wall anchors, for added tensile strength.
Click here for more information on carbon fiber solutions.

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