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Uncovering potential health risks in your basement…

The functionality of basements has come a long way. Many homeowners are capitalizing on the additional living space and converting them into comfortable living spaces. But it’s vital to make sure your basement offers a healthy environment for all occupants, regardless of whether the basement has been transformed or left in an unfinished state.assessing potential health risks

Basements have specific features that expose people and pets living in the home to certain risk factors, like mould, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and radon.

It’s important to keep in mind that the health of your entire home is directly related to the health, environment and atmosphere in the basement. A furnace uses the air from the basement and distributes it throughout the home.

This means any mould spores, volatile compounds, radon etc. that may be lurking in the basement are disbursed with the heated air. Which is why it is so important to maintain a healthy subterranean environment.

Basements feature limited natural ventilation and often no air exchange, which result in damaging humidity levels.  Higher humidity levels breed moulds, fungus, encourage insects and vermin.

Regardless of whether a basement is completely in the ground or partially underground, they are equally vulnerable to water infiltration and/or underground gases. Their subterranean location puts them at risk for flooding, seepage and sewer backup.

Don’t forget most management systems controlling your water, sewer, electrical and gas are normally located in the basement. All these devices have the potential to release hazardous substances in close proximity of your family. Appliances like washers and dryers equally contribute to the poor air quality in your home by increasing the humidity levels.

Ventilation and fresh air exchange is the key to improving the air quality and health of your entire home. E.Z. Breathe is your homes prescription for improved air quality.

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Is the air in your Basement Waterproofed?

You’ve spent considerable dollars to have your basement walls and floor waterproofed, not to mention the costly investment and sweat poured into the renovations and furnishings… but have you protected your investment, home & health by waterproofing the air?

The EZ Breathe™ ventilation unit addresses that final elusive aspect of basement waterproofing by controlling the relative humidity levels in the basement, expelling those damaging vapours directly outside your home. The EZ Breathe™ resolves this issue in an economical, whisper quiet and maintenance free way: all the while ventilating the rest of your home of harmful VOC’s and indoor air pollutants, providing you with a healthier home.

Basements are typically damper, cooler and musty smelling simply because of their subterranean location; compounded with the gravitation of moist heavier air, generated from day to day upper level living. Basements are therefore predisposed to higher relative humidity levels. High humidity levels can cause costly damage to your homes structure, furnishings and family health.


High relative humidity levels can present as one or a combination of these forms

  • The basement feels damp and cool
  • Visual condensation and/or mould can be seen on windows this can lead to rot and damage
  • Visible mould growth on baseboards and walls
  • Soggy irreparable damage on dry wall
  • Visible rust on appliances such as washers/dryers, furnaces and hot water tanks can reduce life expectancy of the appliances
  • The basement smells musty or mouldy
  • Visible structural damage on the floor joists and sill plates, seen in the form of dry rot.
  • Mould damage to furniture and carpets and under pad
  • The basement and furnishings feel and smell unpleasant


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