Core Values

For over 25 years Basement Boss Sarnia Lambton, Chatham-Kent has been an integral part of our communities providing ever advancing innovative Waterproofing, Foundation Repair and Basement Health solutions to our customers. The foundation of our success and development lies in the trust of our customers, employees, affiliate independent Basement Boss contractors and other third parties. We are committed to achieving sustained growth, ongoing education and certifications in order to provide the most advanced techniques, dependable products and value to our clients.


The culture of our teamwork enables us to work in harmony within our Company, our customers, independent affiliate contractors and other third parties to deliver better solutions and collectively achieve our goals, resulting in a safe, healthy and quality project.

Health & Safety

The health & safety of our employees, customers, general public and individuals on each project are our number one priority. Preparation, Prevention and Protection are the key aspects of our work and applications from which we do not deviate.


Respect is our primary rule of basic conduct. It is nurtured internally and fostered throughout our customers, affiliate contractors and third parties. It is the guiding force that displays personal integrity, professionalism, fair practice and understanding.


We will maintain and conduct the highest level of honesty, ethics and moral rightness with all our business practices.


Day in day out, every member of our team is required to put forth their best, to strive for consistent quality and exhibit the highest level of professionalism- be your own leader.


Trust is the essential value that has and continues to quantify and define our relationships with our employees, customers, affiliate contractors and other third parties. Trust is the belief and confidence others have in our organizations’ reliability and fairness; and for that, we continue to focus on how to keep it and not how to earn it; as it is not easily acquired.


Reputation is not something that is managed but, rather earned. Every day we strive to earn our reputation, both internally and externally. Therefore, we strive to conduct ourselves in a manner in which our core values cannot be questioned.