Interior Crack Injection

Interior Hydrophobic Crack Injection Method….

are the most dependable injection method for poured wall foundation cracks.

There are many benefits to Interior Crack Injection, Hydrophobic Foam Injection Method:

  • Interior Crack Injection: Green innovation product approved by National Sanitation foundation for potable water
  • Forms and maintains a flexible foam or gel with high elongation
  • Expands up to 800% of its original volume
  • Penetrates deep into crack front to back as it reacts with water
  • Provides a watertight elastomeric seal that stops the infiltration of water through cracks or voids
  • Minimal disruption to homeowners
  • Quick curing

Interior Crack Injection: See our images (below) to see the process of injecting resin foam to prevent leaks in your basement.

Interior-Crack-Injection images for website