Sump pit & pump check-ups

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for your pit & pumps




Sump pump maintenance is essential….

It’s so easy to forget about and overlook your sump pit and pump/s. Homeowners either avoid going down to nasty unfinished basements at all costs; or completely forget about their pit tucked under the stairs, or in the utility room. It goes without saying, day to day life gets hectic.

Negating to service this equipment allows a storm of disaster to build over a period of time. Unfortunately most homeowners don’t even realize they are living with a false sense of security. Too often they find out far too late when they discover their basement is flooded.

The truth of the matter is, pits and pump/s take a lot of abuse during their lifespan. Fluctuating demands on the pump/s  can be directly related to precipitation volumes and changing water tables. Dry pits can equally put a lot of stress on the equipment.

Silt, sludge, iron bacteria and calcium contaminants are just a few minerals that can be transported with ground source water into your pit . These minerals have a tendency to build up and cake the equipment, pit walls and ports. When this happens it has a direct effect on the ability or inability for the system to evacuate the water.

Mineral deposits and/or small stones can get lodged in impellers impeding, or prohibiting the performance of the pump/s.

Let’s not forget that check valves, power cords and pump amperage can deteriorate and should not be overlooked either.

Most over the counter and older style pump/s are designed in a way that the electricity flows through the switch, thus making the switch susceptible to wear and tear, and even complete failure.

Batteries have limited lifespans and some need periodic maintenance and some need exercise.

Periodical pit and pump maintenance cannot be emphasized enough, your health and your properties protection is riding on it.