What is the primary health effect of radon?

  • Radon is a group A carcinogen which causes lung cancer
  • It’s the #1 cause of lung cancer in non- smokers and the #2 cause of lung cancer in smokers
  • Lung Cancer Canada reports that 3200 Canadians die annually from radon click here to learn more
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How do you get radon?

  • You breathe in airborne radon gas
  • While in your lungs, it goes through a state of radioactive decay and releases an alpha particle (form of energy)
  • This alpha particle can stimulate cell growth to create cancerous tumor growth/s

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What is radon?


  •  Radon is a naturally occurring soil gas
  • Found at varying levels around the world
  • Radon is colourless, odourless and tasteless, often referred to as the “SILENT KILLER”
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Where does radon come from?

  • Radon is produced as uranium decomposes
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How can radon enter my home?


1. Through Specific Geography

  • Radon is diverted under a home through fissures and fractures
  • Therefore one home can be affected while the home next door, or down the street is unaffected

2. Through Pathways Into Your Home

  • Openings around pipes that enter and exit your home
  • Around conduits
  • Unsealed sump pits
  • Cracks in floors and foundation walls

3. Through Pressurization

  • Anything that creates suction within the home, (exhaust fans etc.) can draw radon up
  • Natural stack effect or chimney effect, (hot air rises) draws radon up into the home










How much radon is too much?

  • Radon is found everywhere, even outdoors
  • More than 200 Bq/3m requires some kind of action level





  • A 91 day, long term test is best and…
  • is the only recommended way to know if your home needs mitigation



Who sets the standards in Canada?

  • Health Canada sets the guideline and action levels
  • click here for more information from Health Canada on radon

What is Bq/m3?

  • Bq- stands for Becquerel
  • Becquerel is a unit used to measure the number of radioactive decays of radon atoms

Am I at risk?

  • Radon is everywhere and every home is at risk
  • Testing is the only sure way to know

What happens if my test results are above recommended levels?

  • One of our licensed radon mitigation experts will evaluate your home and provide you with a cost for a mitigation system specific to your home
  • Mitigation systems can generally be installed within one day
  • Once it’s up and running your Mitigator will measure the airborne levels with a special device to ensure the levels have dropped within the safe standards

Facts & Tips

  • Health Canada recommends that homes be tested every 2 years for radon levels, (especially with new home construction) because of……
              1. soil settlement
              2. changes to the natural water tables brought on by drought etc.
              3. construction of new homes impacts surrounding neighbourhood
              4. repairs to city infrastructure impacts surrounding neighbourhood
  • If you have a mitigation system in place, your radon professional should visit your home once a year to check on your mitigation system

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