Interior Crack Shield System

Interior Crack Shield System…

A Cost Effective Alternative Resolution

Our Interior Crack Shield method is an effective proven alternative for poured wall foundation cracks. Since 1992, thousands of satisfied homeowners continue to benefit from their Interior Crack Shield system. The system is applied over the crack and surrounding area to control water infiltration. The seepage is contained behind the shield and diverted underneath the basement floor. From there the water makes its way to sump pit for evacuation by the sump pump.

In instances where an exterior approach is cost prohibitive (i.e. expensive decks, stamped concrete, patios and finished driveways): or in instances where there is restricted space to excavate, this method provides to be a permanent cost effective resolution. Once the cement is cured, the area is then available for full traffic use or basement remodelling.

1. Typical poured foundation wall crack
2. Installing interior crack shield system
3. Re-cementing floor to level

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