Water Dispersion System


Improper downspout drainage can lead to water seepage in your basement.


  • Can lead to soil erosion around house and improper grade, compounding the seepage problem
  • Can cause damage to the structure and integrity of the foundation if left untreated
  • Water infiltration can result in a destructive high humidity level in your basement, causing mould growth, dust mites, dry rot, rusting on appliances and family illness



Automatic downspout extensions. Disperse and direct runoff water to a safe distance from your foundation.


  • Directs and keeps downspout runoff water away from your basement
  • Underground design means no tripping over unsightly above ground extensions
  • No more moving extensions to mow or maintain your lawn
  • Eliminates roof water seepage into your basement, keeping your living space healthy and your investment protected


Tips for Maintaining Your Water Dispersion System…

  • Keep Eve troughs and downspouts clean
  • Flush out the line a couple of times a year, especially before winter sets in
  • Make sure the lawn does not grow over the lid

These steps will help keep your system operational while eliminating the potential for leaf and other debris from building up in the line and potentially blocking or freezing inside the pipe.