Encapsulation & Conditioning…..

Our crawl space vapor wrap protects your family with a superior line of defence from soil gas transmissions that are constantly drawn up from the ground like…..

  • Moisture vapour/humidity
  • Natural soil gases such as, radon & methane
  • Soil poisons & contaminants such as, oil by-products & sulfates
  • Or any decomposing organic substance/s
Unprotected, these environmental factors can lead to mould growth, poor and/or hazardous indoor air-quality and damaged building materials: impacting you and your home’s health. Adding the right space/size dehumidifier completes and compliments the encapsulation application.
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Benefits & Characteristics

  • Multi-layer plastic extrusion barrier
  • Manufactured from the highest grade of prime, virgin polyolefin resins
  • Tough, durable sheeting exceeds minimum building code of 6 ml. generic polyethylene
  • Low permeance provides long-term moisture protection
  • Prohibits the communication of sub soil odors, vapors and potential radon gas infiltration
  • Puncture, cracking & tear resistant

The Perfect Solution for

Complete Protection & Peace of Mind

when used in conjunction with  a crawl space dehumidifier


crawl space

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