Interior French Drain

Our Interior French Drain System is completely sealed….

to inhibit any sub-slab moisture, VOC’s, or soil gases from migrating into your home; promoting a safer healthier living environment!



  • Thousands of satisfied homeowners
  • In most instances, the Interior French Drain system is normally a fraction of the cost of exterior waterproofing
  • Exterior approaches are not always accessible and therefore not an option
  •  5 year transferable warranty on any repairs less than, the entire perimeter of the basement
  • 20 year Transferable lifetime warranty on entire perimeter basement repairs


THE proven, cost effective solution in block wall construction to combat…

block wall seepage for mailer
  1. Block wall cavity water intrusion
  2. Cold joint seepage
  3. Perimeter hydrostatic pressure infiltration





Interior Water Control with Wall Encapsulation

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Compliments Our Interior

French Drain System

  • Encapsulates the entire wall/s diverting any pre-existing or potential wall face, water infiltration into our drain system
  • Prohibits the communication of sub soil odors, vapors and potential radon gas infiltration
  • Vapour barrier which prevents interior condensation
  • Class 1/ Class A Fire-rated
  • Puncture & tear resistant
  • Will not promote mold or mildew growth

A Perfect Solution for Complete Protection & Peace of Mind

How Much Water is in Your Foundation?