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Radon Certification

Congratulations Kevin Grubb of Grubb & Gutscher on his successful completion and certification of the Radon Measurement & Mitigation course. Kevin welcomes your inquires and requests for radon testing and mitigation services. 1-888-799-5211 Congratulations Paul Smith and Jordan Mc Murphy from the AbleTec Enterprises Inc. on their successful completion and certification of the Radon Measurement and Mitigation course…. Read more »

Canada AM discusses concerns about Toxins in our homes

The atmospheric environment in our homes is becoming more and more of a health issue and concern. Deadly VOC’s, (volatile organic compounds) and toxins are off gassing around the clock. Putting our families health at risk. Our attempts to make our homes so energy efficient has come at a high cost, the cost of our health. Follow the link… Read more »

Uncovering potential health risks in your basement…

The functionality of basements has come a long way. Many homeowners are capitalizing on the additional living space and converting them into comfortable living spaces. But it’s vital that you make sure your basement offers a healthy environment for all occupants, regardless of whether the basement has been transformed or left in an unfinished state. Basements have specific features… Read more »

Your foundation under pressure….

Even on the sunniest of days, your foundation walls and floor may be keeping hundreds of gallons of water at bay. Never underestimate the power of water trapped underground. Click here to learn more about the devastating affects of hydrostatic pressure

Healthy basement, healthy home: the Basement Boss promise

  The New Year presents the opportunity to reflect on and assess what has been accomplished in the past, to consider new possibilities, and to reevaluate future goals. Having done so, we at Basement Boss are well on our way to planning for a successful 2016. However, the key components we bring to our exceptional… Read more »