Dehumidifiers & Air Purifiers

EZ Breathe ™ Outperforms Dehumidifiers and Air Purifiers


  • Dehumidifier does nothing to eliminate damp contaminated air, but rather recycles that same stale air
  • Because they condense the air vapours into water, dehumidifiers are energy hogs
  • Filter replacement can be costly
  • The chamber needs to be sanitized and dumped on a regular basis
  • Most dehumidifiers can only treat about 500 square feet of area

Air Purifier

  • Does not address the critical problems related to moisture and dampness, which lead to mould and mildew issues.


  • Controls the relative humidity level in the basement
  • Expels the vaporous air directly outside the home
  • Rids up to 7000 square foot home of toxic air 8-10 times per day
  • Eliminates conditions for dust mites and mould growth
  • Costs pennies per day to operate
  • Maintenance free
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What the experts are saying…

Canadian Lung

“Indoor air pollution hits us all where we live. Indoor air quality has an enormous influence over our general health & lung health in particular” “the need for clean air in our homes should not be underestimated.”Invisible Dangers-“Many indoor air quality issues will show no visible signs”
“Caution about ozone generators- should not be used in residential settings (homes) where people are present. Generating ozone indoors where people are exposed is potentially harmful to health.”

Canada Mortgage
and Housing

Advises- “keep winter indoor humidity lower than 45% RH. Whatever the season CMHC recommends humidity be kept low enough that window condensation does not occur. We recommend 30-50% max.”“Seal up cracks in your foundation and ventilate”


Health Canada

How can I reduce the amount of radon in my house?
“If your radon test is above the guideline of 200 Bq/m3.”“Increase the ventilation in the basement to allow exchange of air.”
See Health Canada website for more recommendations on radon


Indoor Air Audit

“Measure the following in your home- temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and air movement, to maintain a healthy environment”