Basement Issues


You’ve spent considerable dollars to have your
basement walls and floor waterproofed,
not to mention the costly investment and
sweat poured into the renovations and furnishings…

but have you protected
your investment, home & health
by waterproofing the air?


The EZ Breathe™ ventilation unit addresses that final elusive aspect of basement waterproofing by controlling the relative humidity levels in the basement, expelling those damaging vapours directly outside your home. The EZ Breathe™ resolves this issue in an economical, whisper quiet and maintenance free way: all the while ventilating the rest of your home of harmful VOC’s and indoor air pollutants, providing you with a healthier home.

Basements are typically damper, cooler and musty smelling simply because of their subterranean location; compounded with the gravitation of moist heavier air, generated from day to day upper level living. Basements are therefore predisposed to higher relative humidity levels. High humidity levels can cause costly damage to your homes structure, furnishings and family health.

High relative humidity levels can present as one or a combination of these forms


  • The basement feels damp and cool
  • Visual condensation and/or mould can be seen on windows this can lead to rot and damage
  • Visible mould growth on baseboards and walls
  • Soggy irreparable damage on dry wall
  • Visible rust on appliances such as washers/dryers, furnaces and hot water tanks can reduce life expectancy of the appliances
  • The basement smells musty or mouldy
  • Visible structural damage on the floor joists and sill plates, seen in the form of dry rot.
  • Mould damage to furniture and carpets and under pad
  • The basement and furnishings feel and smell unpleasant



EZ Breathe ™ Outperforms Dehumidifiers and Air Purifiers


  • Dehumidifier does nothing to eliminate damp contaminated air, but rather recycles that same stale air
  • Because they condense the air vapours into water, dehumidifiers are energy hogs
  • Filter replacement can be costly
  • The chamber needs to be sanitized and dumped on a regular basis
  • Most dehumidifiers can only treat about 500 square feet of area

Air Purifier

  • Does not address the critical problems related to moisture and dampness, which lead to mould and mildew issues.


  • Controls the relative humidity level in the basement
  • Expels the vaporous air directly outside the home
  • Rids up to 7000 square foot home of toxic air 8-10 times per day
  • Eliminates conditions for dust mites and mould growth
  • Costs pennies per day to operate
  • Maintenance free
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What the experts are saying…

Canadian Lung

“Indoor air pollution hits us all where we live. Indoor air quality has an enormous influence over our general health & lung health in particular” “the need for clean air in our homes should not be underestimated.”Invisible Dangers-“Many indoor air quality issues will show no visible signs”
“Caution about ozone generators- should not be used in residential settings (homes) where people are present. Generating ozone indoors where people are exposed is potentially harmful to health.”

Canada Mortgage
and Housing

Advises- “keep winter indoor humidity lower than 45% RH. Whatever the season CMHC recommends humidity be kept low enough that window condensation does not occur. We recommend 30-50% max.”“Seal up cracks in your foundation and ventilate”


Health Canada

How can I reduce the amount of radon in my house?
“If your radon test is above the guideline of 200 Bq/m3.”“Increase the ventilation in the basement to allow exchange of air.”
See Health Canada website for more recommendations on radon


Indoor Air Audit

“Measure the following in your home- temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and air movement, to maintain a healthy environment”



It’s not about the garage- it’s about the house….

and the health & safety of the people who live there.

So, what’s in your garage…?

“74% of all carbon monoxide detectors that went off in the home were triggered by pollutants & toxins leaking into the home from the attached garage”

-University of Minnesota, Dept. of Agriculture study, 2011

Car Exhaust…Carbon Monoxide- from vehicle’s engine off-gas for at least 3 hours, and when HOT… off-gassing is continuous.Although car exhaust is a major concern, it’s much more than that car-exhaust-460_980077c
Benzene…a carcinogen found in gasoline, flammable“NO CONCENTRATION IS SAFE” gas can
Contaminants…VOC’s from storage items in the garage such as fertilizers, paints, pesticides etc. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbox4white




E.Z. Breathe Garage Ventilation  System

 E.Z. Breathe garage ventilation system continually exhausts
garage toxins & pollutants before they can enter your home,
for just pennies a day!

E.Z. Breathe is rated ENERGY STAR and an ally of the EPA indoor Plus program.

Canada Housing & Mortgage Corporation…“recommend installing an exhaust fan to vent the garage air to outside. The fan would also help depressurize the garage relative to the house, thereby preventing air movement from the garage to the home, even it leaks.”For more supportive recommendations, information and case studies we suggest researching CHMC, Health Canada, Environment Canada & EPA websites.

Give your investment and families’ health, the protection they deserve say “ABSOLUTELY” to having an EZ Breathe™ installed today.