Sunken Concrete Chatham-Kent

Providing sunken concrete repair services in Chatham-Kent, Basement Boss is pleased to provide complimentary on-site assessments, giving you access to an affordable alternative to concrete replacement. We are proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated, fully addressing and repairing your sunken concrete, ensuring you receive an economical and long lasting sunken concrete solution for your property in the Chatham-Kent area.

Advanced Sunken Concrete Raising

Our sunken concrete technicians are on hand to visit your location in Chatham-Kent, injecting high density expanding polyurethane foam through pre-drilled holes in the sunken concrete slabs. Once the Polyurethane is injected, it moves along the void, expanding to cause the sunken concrete to raise. Throughout the entire sunken concrete raising procedure, our Chatham-Kent technicians monitor the movement, adding more material in short intervals, until the sunken concrete reaches the desired pitch and height.

Smart Sunken Concrete Services

Our Polyurethane material provides a much more efficient solution to outdated Mud-jacking materials, as only 2lbs of Polyurethane material is needed for every 100lbs of mud-jacking material per cubic foot. Our Polyurethane material adds much less weight burden on compromised soil bases.

We utilize smaller 5/8” holes for our Polyurethane injection process, greatly reducing the possibility of cracking from drilling. Polyurethane is a superior option over Mud-jacking, as it remains both water and erosion resistant, never changing shape and our Chatham-Kent sunken concrete raising procedures last only 1-2 hours.

Environmentally Friendly Sunken Concrete Repair

We provide a simple solution to your sunken concrete issues, as our Polyurethane is eco-friendly, never leaching into the surrounding soil. We also ensure our Polyurethane mixtures are made from recycled foam products, keeping them from a landfill.

If you live in the Chatham-Kent area, our sunken concrete raising specialists are on hand to assist you, giving you a complimentary review of your sunken concrete along with a no cost estimate.