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The EZ Breathe™ ventilation unit addresses that final elusive aspect of basement waterproofing by controlling the relative humidity levels in the basement, expelling those damaging vapours directly outside your home. The EZ Breathe™ resolves this issue in an economical, whisper quiet and maintenance free way: all the while ventilating the rest of your home of harmful VOC’s and indoor air pollutants, providing you with a healthier home.

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7-10 Gallons of Vapor Can Wick into Your Basement Every Day

sick-house7-10 gallons of vapor can wick into your basement every day through the floor and/or walls…

  • This increases the relative humidity in your basement
  • A relative humidity greater than 50% can promote mould growth
  • Create a musty smell
  • Can cause appliances to rust and floor joists to rot
  • Making you and your home sick
    We’ve got the cure

Let E.Z. Breathe resolve this issue by controlling the basement humidity