Rainfall Facts

Did you know….

1. 1″ of rain on 1 acre of land is equivalent to 27,658 gallons of water.

  • the 27,658 gallons of water are distributed downgrade as surface runoff and seeps through the ground topsoil to underground capillary vents.

2. 1″ of rain on 1/4 acre of land is equivalent to 6914.5 gallons of water.

3. 1″ of rain on a 9×12′ patio is equivalent to 68.6 gallons of water.

4. 1″ of rain on a 36×24′ roof with a 25% pitch is equivalent to 685.9 gallons of water. If the water is evenly distributed to all 4 downspouts, it would be 171.5 gallons of water per downspout.

5. 1″ of rain on a 3×2′ exterior window well is equivalent to 3.8 gallons of water.

6. 1″ of rain on a 3×9′ exterior stairwell is equivalent to 17.4 gallons of water.


That’s a lot of water

and our system will handle it!