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Sunken Concrete?

We’ve got the solution….

High density polyurethane levelling is the fast, economical solution to costly replacement when it comes to correcting improper pitch and/or levelling trip hazards. This lightweight option is a refreshing alternative to traditional heavier weight mud-jacking materials Read more»




Leading the Industry in …Green Technology

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With sky-rocketing electricity rates Basement Boss has you covered with energy efficient primary sump pumps and battery back-up pumps. Our “Boss Force” line of pumps boasts state-of-the-art technology, providing our clients with self monitoring, self-cycling systems, for worry-free use and care. For more information Read»

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My Sump Pit Is Routinely Dry…. Should I Be Concerned?

260[1]Having a routinely dry sump pit can be just as harmful to your pump as having an overwhelming, continuous flow of water.

When a sump pit remains dry for extended periods of time, seals can dry out and crack.

The inner workings of the pump can also seize up.

If this should happen… then your pump won’t be able to perform when it’s needed.

We recommend… pour a couple of buckets of water once a month into your sump pit. This will lubricate the pump, exercise it, along with testing it out.

7-10 Gallons of Vapor Can Wick into Your Basement Every Day

sick-house7-10 gallons of vapor can wick into your basement every day through the floor and/or walls…

  • This increases the relative humidity in your basement
  • A relative humidity greater than 50% can promote mould growth
  • Create a musty smell
  • Can cause appliances to rust and floor joists to rot
  • Making you and your home sick
    We’ve got the cure

Let E.Z. Breathe resolve this issue by controlling the basement humidity