ezbrethe-logo On moving into our new home, there was much work needed in order to remedy the dampness and cleanliness issues in the basement and throughout our four level  house. Our foundation repair company (Basement Boss) recommended that we have an E-Z Breathe unit installed in the lower level of the house. It has been in place for almost five months, through a very humid summer here in Chatham Ontario. We have experienced very comfortable living conditions, particularly in the rec room in the lower level where the E Z Breathe is installed. It quietly runs as needed and blends into the décor of the room. Also, our seasonal allergies and overnight breathing issues have been alleviated. The E-Z Breathe has made a big difference in the air quality and comfort of our home. We would highly recommend it as an air quality solution.Dennis & Kathy – Chatham, Ontario
ezbrethe-logo Now that I have had time to get resettled into my basement, I would like to provide you with a testimony.

It has been a distinct pleasure to deal with Basement Boss, as Carole and Paul have been supportive and informative, respectful and empathetic, no matter what issue I have had to deal with from the very first time I called them with my basement flooding issues, to the final visit after the installation of the EZ Breathe System!!

Thru this whole process, I have made it a priority to stay educated and informed on each step of the waterproofing of my basement. I realize I am on a wet piece of property and this problem will not go away , so it’s my responsibility to make my home as dry and healthy as I possibly can on the inside!  Since I was involved with the tear down of my basement, I was the one that discovered the wood rot and black mold, and being in the health care field, I knew I had a “sick home” and had to be proactive. Putting in the interior drain system with Basement Boss, was step one. When Paul and Carole mentioned the EZ Breathe System to me, and provided me with information to consider and research, I knew this was the next logical step.

I do have seasonal allergies and when I was working on my basement I also experienced severe shortness of breath and allergy symptoms from the uncovered mold.

Putting my basement back together, involved painting and new carpeting which also causes release of toxins, and noxious smells which were also causing me difficulties.

The Ez Breathe System was installed on July 3, 2013,only days after the completion of the basement renovations. And within 24 hours all the carpet and paint odours were gone!!! I have to admit that I have only used allergy medication on one occasion since then and it was due to garden pollen- not my home!   I no longer wake up nasally congested as I have for the past 3 years!

If I cook, the smells are eliminated within hours which is wonderful when you have a little home like mine, where you can’t get away from odours!

Initially, I had difficulty getting a handle on the high humidity in my home. Unfortunately, this area was hit with extremely  high heat and humidity at the time, but Paul and Carole and the folks at EZ Breathe worked with me on this offering me information and suggestions to follow. I now have a humidity of 54% as I write this, which is with no air conditioning on, and still being in the thick of cool, but damp summer weather. I find this to be very comfortable!  I know that it will be lower once winter hits and the house is closed up and the furnace is on, but I will be able to control the humidity level with the EZBreathe System.

I now keep my EZ Breathe system on continually to recirculate the air in my home to ensure that potential allergens and toxins are eliminated.

Last weekend, I was away, and decided to turn the unit off while I was gone. I couldn’t believe the odour of the house when I got back, after it had been closed up for a couple days. But within hours of turning the unit back on, the air was fresh once again!

This past week, I was watching TV in my basement family room and I couldn’t help but text my children with “Lovin my dry, cozy basement”…I think that says it all!!!

Thank you Paul. Carole…for the “Basement Boss”system and now the EZ Breathe unit!!

Most Sincerely,   Colleen Theriault   Sarnia, Ontario.

 speachbubbles_vankooten  The workers were excellent, courteous and helpful. No leaks after 48 hours of rain.
 speachbubbles_rogers  Thanks for a great job! We have never seen the basement so dry!!!
 speachbubbles_dunn  All the guys were very kind and took time to explain in detail the work being done- overall very happy with the work & crew.
 speachbubbles_theriault  Will recommend you everywhere I go! Thanks for coming to my rescue & getting rid of my “Noah’s Ark”.
 speachbubbles_ibrahim I appreciate the work the team did. They were professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I think I’ll be promoting you to a lot of people. Keep up the good work.
 speachbubbles_zavitz We were very pleased with your work and your clean up. Everyone was very friendly and polite to us. Thanks a lot.
 speachbubbles_pickard Fast, professional service.
 speachbubbles_wiebe Excellent workmanship, super workers, fabulous personalities and friendliness. We’d definitely recommend them to others.
speachbubbles_machado Good job guys! Thanks
speachbubbles_tekare The workmen were fast, efficient and helpful in every way. The results look great! What a difference! I am recommending you to everyone I know.
speachbubbles_pask Great work from all. Very professional. It’s great to have that “comfortable feeling” I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to family & friends.
speachbubbles_grey Gentlemen: I am writing to commend you on three of your staff members with whom we dealt with this week concerning a leak in the basement of our home.Jason Marcus, your estimator, arrived when he said he would, gave our basement and exterior a thorough inspection and sat down with my wife and me afterwards and explained what was causing the leakage problem and what he felt would be the best way to remedy it. He was competent, knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with- a real credit to your business.Frank Joris and Donny Manchester, who performed the actual repairs yesterday and today, also gave us a very favourable impression of your company. So much so, that if we have other work of this sort that needs doing, your company will be our first choice. Mr. Joris and Mr. Manchester worked hard to complete the repairs in two days, and left the basement and lawn areas where they worked in immaculate condition. In addition, they impressed us with thoughtful extras (which we hadn’t asked them to do), such as patching a basement screen window and a torn area of plastic vapour barrier covering our basement insulation. This service is above and beyond the norm, and we were most impressed. Like Mr. Marcus, they were personable, courteous and knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with & thought you’d like to know that all three of these employees struck us as hardworking and valuable assets to your company. Because of the excellent service they’ve provided (and the pleasant way in which they did so) John and David Baer Inc. will be our first choice for future home repairs. I’d be grateful if you’d convey our appreciation to Jason, Frank and Donny on our behalf.Thank you again gentlemen. And best wishes for continued future success.
speachbubbles_somlai The Basement Boss was amazing!
speachbubbles_aylesworth All the men were considerate, polite and good workers
speachbubbles_stuart Just a short note to thank the workers who did such an excellent job of repairing our basement foundation. We have had a lot of rain and melting snow since this work was done for us, and to our delight we have not had any water at all in our basement.The new sump pump they also installed at the time is also working perfectly. The crew that came to our house were all very courteous and did their utmost not to inconvenience us in any way while they were working.
When they completed the job they then cleaned up and there was absolutely no mess left for us to deal with.We would recommend Basement Boss to anyone who wants a good job done at a fair price.
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lcds “Basement Boss is always my first call when dealing with any basement water concerns. As a property manager responsible for over 25 properties, I can always count on Basement Boss to respond quickly, professionally and appropriately to any problem. They are quick to offer all solutions and make recommendations that best suit LCDS. I am confident that when I call Basement Boss my problems will be solved.”
- LCDS/Nick Salaris AIHM 
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oilsprings Basement Boss has provided excellent service to the Village of Oil Springs. Their work is done to specifications and completed in a timely manner.”
- Village of Oil Springs/Mayor Gordon Perry